Our Transition to L.A.

Life Updates

Happy Fall, y’all!

Life has been moving fast for the Post family over the past four months. It’s been quite a while since the last time I’ve posted a legitimate blog entry. Typically, I like to post some of my theological reflections. But I feel it might be a good time to give an update on our family’s transition from LA to L.A. (or Crowley to Cali).

First, our new church. I am the new Lead Pastor of Village Church in Burbank. Village was planted in 1947 by an Assemblies of God minister, Phil Gibson, as a non-denominational, missions-minded community. Two years later, the church launched Village Christian School. The church has such a rich history in Los Angeles.

From LA to L.A.

Life Updates

The Jesus journey is not a boring drive on a predictable, straight-away highway. It’s a mountain hike. A winding trail. With dips and rises, twists and turns. Formidable challenges. Unexpected surprises.

And course shifts.

Something like three years ago, Carrie and I began to sense a significant shift was coming up around the bend for our family. Perhaps the most significant shift of our lives.

During the summer of 2019 the picture became more clear. It was time to begin preparing ourselves to leave the only church my wife and kids have ever known. It wasn’t a matter of whether or not it would happen. It was now simply a matter of when? how? and what next?