Endorsements for “Jesus People”

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If you’re reading this, you may be aware that I’ve been working on a new book: Jesus People: Communities Formed by the Beatitudes. Within the next few days, the final stages will be complete (cover art and interior formatting). From there, the rest of the work will be promotional as we prepare for the book’s official release on September 18, 2021.

I’m so honored to have a wonderful slate of people who have graciously given Jesus People their endorsement. I have such a high respect for each of these people and consider them to be among the most important voices right now in the 21st century church in America. You’ll find their endorsements below:

“Living the Sermon on The Mount by the empowering presence of the indwelling Spirit requires the willingness to endure hardship and embrace adversity in order to experience enlargement. As Rowan Williams said, ‘Discipleship is a state of being.’ In other words it is ontological. It is far more about who we are than it is about some technique. In a technocratic culture, where how-to’s are in vogue, Ryan Post offers us a return to the profound and simple formational call of Jesus, which is ‘Follow Me,’ and invites us to take one step at a time in doing so. The most pressing questions we can ask as followers of Jesus are, Where is Jesus going? and Are we going with Him? Ryan offers us wisdom for both answering these questions and responding to the summons of Jesus and then taking the necessary steps.”

Dr. Mark J. Chironna

Lead Pastor, Church on the Living Edge, Longwood, Florida

Author of The Dead Prophets Society: The Significance of Prophetic Function in the 21st Century

“History shows how surpassingly difficult it is for Christians not to forget Christ. All too often, in the name of Christianity or the truth, and in defense of our way of life, we Christians prove false to Jesus. So we need constant reminding that we are called by the Spirit to live the same cross-bearing, enemy-loving, God-fearing life that he lived. Thankfully, Ryan Post’s book does precisely that, directing our attention not to Jesus as we imagine him but to Jesus as the Gospels present him to us.”

Dr. Chris E. W. Green

Professor of Public Theology, Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida

Author of Surprised by God: How and Why What We Think about the Divine Matters

“To believe in Jesus is to believe the words of Jesus in such a way that God’s people embody God’s radiant light in a weary world. With robust Biblical scholarship and a loving pastoral heart, Ryan Post unpacks Jesus’ call to a ‘holy we’ instead of a ‘holy me.’ When we live in communities that are formed by the Beatitudes the world will look and see Jesus People.”

Tara Beth Leach

Pastor and Author of Radiant Church and Emboldened

Jesus People is a book for God’s people. Ryan Post carefully and pastorally leads us through the prophetic blessings bestowed upon the people of the kingdom of God. Taking us deep into the language of the Beatitudes, Post draws out deep truths illustrated by his own experience as a Jesus person and as a pastor. This book is what we need today to grow as followers of Jesus and engage God’s good but broken world as the people of Jesus.”  

Derek Vreeland

Discipleship Pastor, Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, Missouri

Author of By the Way: Getting Serious About Following Jesus

“It’s easy to despair about the state of Christianity. Just look at what scrolls across your news feed, but maybe we’re looking in the wrong place. Jesus People gives us a glimpse into God’s new world already emerging. This is a sweeping and thorough narrative of what breaks in when real people decide to follow the way of Jesus, together. It will move you from despair to dreaming about the Kingdom possibilities. Ryan Post has given us something of a manifesto for being the broken but beautiful community we know can exist. This is the pathway forward for our times!”

Dan White Jr

Author of Love Over Fear and Co-Author of The Church as Movement

Developer with The V3 Movement

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