Book Recommendation: “Prayer – 40 Days of Practice”

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Back in April, I was browsing through a bookstore and found a book with an interesting-looking cover. The title was Prayer – 40 Days of Practice.

Because prayer has been a subject of great interest to me, I picked it up and began thumbing through it. I discovered that this was quite a unique book, indeed.

Each page includes a thoughtful one-sentence prayer with an accompanying illustration on the opposite page. The prayers are written by Justin McRoberts and the illustrations are created by Scott Erickson.


I had the pleasure of meeting Scott last June and got to ask him a few questions about the book. The self-published project began with a kickstarter campaign which fueled the initial launch of the book. After working hard and selling over 13,000 copies, the book has now been picked up by a publisher and is set to re-release as a hardcover book on February 5th, 2019. You can pre-order here.

I have so thoroughly enjoyed the book that I’ve recommended it to probably a dozen people. I have found it to be so enriching to my morning prayer times.

In fact, now that I’ve used it over the course of 40 days, I now plan to go through it once again, however, instead of using one prayer per day, I intend to use one prayer for an entire week over a 40-week period. My intention is to memorize each prayer and keep it with me throughout the week, absorbing it into my mind and heart.

I highly recommend this intriguing, extraordinary resource.

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